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As designers we want to keep ourselves open minded and fresh, so we are always looking for ways to achieve this. One important manner of doing this, is by making your own designs and for this we us our Risograph.

The risograph is an environmentally friendly and cost effective stencil printer which uses soy based inks. It creates a thermographic master from banana paper for each colour in your artwork and this is wrapped around a drum. Ink is forced through the voids in the master. The paper runs flat through the machine while the drum rotates at high speed to print each image on the paper. The quality of the prints are somewhere between screen print and offset lithography but have a unique look and feel.

We have the RP3700 this is a single drum machine, which means for each pass through the printer a single colour is printed. We have 8 colors we can print, but with mixing these colors you can make many more variations.

We only print for our own or collaborate projects. If you are interested in having your work printed on a risograph, please contact one of these fine printers.

Hato Press
Ditto Press
Victory Press

Occasionally we have limited edition prints for sale. Check the website or join our newsletter to stay informed about new art prints.